Thursday, 10 February 2011

Flood alert!

I heard today that the proposal that Jane Lawson and I made to the Chorlton Arts Festival has been accepted.  It will be called Flood, and will involve an installation on the banks of Chorlton Brook, a flood map and a flood walk.  It will make a connection between the flood history of the area, the recent serious floods in the UK and worldwide, and the effects of climate change on the sea level.

We have been thinking about this piece for a couple of years, and are very excited about having the chance to put it together at last.  The Chorlton Arts Festival is a great local event, and is growing every year.  Last year I did some fundraising for them and as a result, CAF 2010 had their first artist in residence.  And this year will be my first time as an exhibitor.  The festival is in May, so we will be starting to plan over a cup of tea on Saturday.

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Virginia Moffatt said...

Fantastic! Well done you.