Friday, 14 January 2011

new year, new website!

Finally, I've restructured my website and put up some new images.  And now I've got my new blog, I have linked it all together.  You can see it for yourself by clicking the link above.

I've been putting the job off for the for the last few months because it seemed so daunting, but now I'm working part time again, I've had the energy and time to get it done.  

I was also inspired by Artonomy's '5 essential goals for art success in 2011', of which the first goal is:
  1. Get your website and blog polished up.  
Check out the website at

I'd love some feedback.  Is there too much up there now?  Should I be more selective about images or merge some projects together?   

Ok, off to the studio.  Better late than never.

1 comment:

Virginia Moffatt said...

Welcome to blogging, and well done for getting it up. Love the website, love your art, love the blog.

Happy New Year!

Let's try and meet in real life again in 2011!